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Unique Designer Lighting from some of europes leading designers

Our exclusive range of Designer Lighting is internationally recognised as both unique and affordable guarantying there is never a shortfall of choice. Extensive investment in research and development ensures our latest designs are as innovative as possible, with the majority of our fittings being suitable for energy efficient LED lamps including wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps ect.

All of our designer lighting undergoes an intensive screening process ensuring the highest quality is achieved during the manufacturing process, including which materials are used for our packaging to ensure it reaches the customer in the same condition as it left the warehouse. Many of the designs in our range of lighting products come from the minds of influential veteran designers, many taking inspiration from famous artists such as Gaudi and Salvador Dali ect. Investment in modern manufacturing techniques and materials ensure that our range of designer lighting ensures that our lighting remains at the forefront of the industry.

On average our manufacturer brings out eight new ranges every year which ensures freshness in the brand all  the time. A full range of unique designer exterior lighting bringing our range of exciting lighting to the outdoors. Strict quality control in the production of our outdoor range ensures consistency and guarantees them to be suitable for the most exteme weather conditions. Based on raw materials such as the latest techniques in polyethylene production it makes achieving elegance to any setting of your choosing.

The concept of elegantly shaping metal framework and sculpturing glass makes for simply stunning designer lighting in many of our unique products. Boasting over one hundred collections of chandeliers and non electric crystal light  fittings using the finest materials, and many of our chandeliers use Asfour Egyptian crystal as standard to produce some truly spectacular lighting. As the use of LED,S becomes ever more prominent in lighting production, our manufacturers have made a signifigant amount of investment in the development of integral LED lighting as saving energy has become more important than ever.

In a modern day market where internet purchases are becoming the norm, online retailing now has the ability to overpower conventional high street retail stores so we as an established seller with 40 years experience we understand that we had to adapt to survive in the current marketplace.

In our ranges of outdoor and bathroom lighting to modern decorative, traditional and contemporary styles. Essentially there is something for everybody! At Lighting-online we pride ourselves on offering an array of products with wholly unique designs.  To maintain this reputation our designers have ensured that, not only is our meticulous quality transferred onto this new endeavour, but also the inventive, stand out design concepts that we are renowned for.

Please browse though our collections, which will hopefully inspire you. If you need any lighting advice we are continually adding articles to our blog, please feel free to check it out.

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